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Why Muskegon?

Why Muskegon?

by Jill Wiersma, PT, DPT – Clinic Director

Generation Care, Muskegon Clinic, is where I began my professional career and a place I have called home since graduating from Oakland University in 2018 with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. October 2018 marks 1 year of being a Clinical Director. Now, a little background on my PT clinic experiences, I was born and raised on the east side of the state where many personal experiences as a patient in physical therapy, two jobs as a technician/aid in outpatient facilities, and then various clinic rotations while in PT school where I have been able to experience many different clinic cultures and atmospheres. It was while I was a student where I had the pleasure to experience Generation Care – Muskegon for the first time. I knew there was something different about how Generation Care was run, their ethics, and their passions. As stated above, I have had the pleasure to then work for GC the last 3 years and can say, without a doubt, I could not imagine working anywhere else.

What makes Muskegon different than other clinics? Well…

#1 – it is the personal, 1:1 care we provide. As a clinician, I am the sole provider (unless schedules do not line up), where we see only 1 patient for their either 30 or 40-minute appointment – we do not share them with a technician or assistant, nor do we double book appointments. My patients are able to get my 100% attention every visit.

#2 – The team. I work with some of the most talented individuals. We are not just an orthopedic clinic for back/neck/hip/shoulder pain (which we treat really darn well). We have individuals that specialize in manual therapy, gender health and women’s health, lymphedema, oncology, neurological and Parkinson’s, geriatric, post-concussion, and aquatic therapy. On top of those specialties, I have the pleasure to work with a few of the best occupational therapists and speech therapists, so when I feel my patient would benefit from interdisciplinary care, I know I can refer to other practitioners I trust.

#3 – Not only are all the clinician’s here talented, but they care for their patients and enjoy what they do! There might be times when work is stressful, but the team I work with always picks each other up to encourage one another. We celebrate with one other during life milestones and are a shoulder to cry on when life is hard. We dress up for various occasions, and have some of the best darn pot-lucks in the Muskegon area! Not only do my patients make coming to work great, but the team that I can call family and get to surround myself with every day makes coming to work NOT work.

On top of all the above-listed specialties, Melanie Danklefsen and Tom Pallas have just completed the requirements for practicing in Neurologic Dry Needling for Pain Management and Sports Rehabilitation by Integrative Dry Needling Institute’s Foundation Course. With that course and education, they are able to utilize the technique of dry needling to address a variety of diagnosis’.

I could go on and on with why Muskegon Generation Care is one of a kind and why I could not imagine working anywhere else, but I cannot give all our tricks away – come and check us out!

Jill Wiersma, PT, DPT
Clinic Director