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About Generation Care


From Our Founder

Our team at Generation Care is totally committed to just one objective – helping you get better! I am so proud and privileged to work with the incredibly talented therapists in this company. A lifelong commitment to education and staying “cutting edge” is an absolute requirement of each and every employee in this company. We invest in their education and special certifications to make sure that the public receives the best value and experience for every health care dollar spent.

I believe that patients should have a CHOICE where they go for therapy care, and our team needs to EARN your trust. We are so much more than “a therapy place.” We are all about the journey to recovery – resource management, family involvement, lifelong wellness opportunities, and physician collaboration – whether it is a simple sprain or strain, or a life changing, multiple trauma accident. No two people are alike, and your individual needs always come first at Generation Care.

We are the leader in West Michigan specialty areas such as orthopedics, neurological conditions, pediatrics and much more.  I encourage you to come in, meet us, look around – we are the real deal. We commit our very best, every day.

Thank you for considering Generation Care as your therapy and wellness provider.

To your health!

Holly Lookabaugh-Deur,

PT, DSc, GCS, President and CEO

Our Mission

Simply put, Generation Care exists to help transform our community by maximizing physical abilities across the lifespan. From the tiniest of humans to those in their later stages of life, we are here for every generation. We use every possible avenue to restore your physical condition to be the best it can be, and then keep you at your optimum level of health.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your independence.

That’s what drives us.

Our Commitment

Thorough Evaluations

We get to the bottom of the problem. You may come and see us for your low back issues, but an alignment issue in your feet might cause the problem. We get to the source of the problem so we can resolve it once and for all.

Evidence-Based Practice Principals

Everything we do is proven to be safe and effective, and we follow “best practice” standards… and then some! We consider a wide variety of theoretical models for your recovery, whether it is focused on muscle energy techniques, neurodevelopmental theory, exercise physiology, from a wide variety of fundamentalists, or a combination of all of the above. Every patient case is managed individually.

One-on-one. Hands-on care. Personal attention.

Communication Excellence

Health care is a team effort, with YOU, the consumer, in charge of your choices and health. We communicate with other team members with your needs at the center of our focus.

A Healing Environment

From the first moment you join us at Generation Care, you will feel the genuine warmth and sincerity of our entire team. You are why we exist. We strive to keep you comfortable and informed in a professional, friendly place that feels a bit like home.

Our MySteps Program

Once your therapy is complete, you are often beginning a new journey into wellness and you just don’t want to stop! Generation Care offers membership options with no contract requirements, so you can continue to use familiar equipment and facilities, among the friendly faces you’ve come to know.

Having the Best of the Best

We employ therapists who sincerely and intensely care about what they do. They have a passion for excellence and individualized care, and that’s why they work with Generation Care. We have some of the top therapists in the Midwest on our team, ready to help you on your journey to recovery.