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Wellness Services At Generation Care

Wellness Services At Generation Care

Wellness programs have always been an important focus for Generation Care. We don’t want to just see you when you’re hurt or injured, but also when you are healthy or want to get back to health after therapy! An integral part of our care is to provide you with ways to get and stay healthy. We asked GC’s Wellness Coordinator, Jillian DeJonge to write a guest article as a way to share how she can help you on your personal wellness journey!


By Jillian, DeJonge

Jillian DeJonge, COTA, PTA

My Name is Jillian DeJonge and I am a Physical and Occupational therapy assistant and Wellness Coordinator for Generation Care. I am a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. I wanted to inform you about some of our wellness offerings to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training: I offer personal training at our Muskegon and Grand Haven Generation Care locations. As a general overview, we start out discussing your goals, set realistic, measurable goals together, discuss your exercise experiences, take some data, and begin your program development. We often begin with stability and mobility exercises and then progressing from there to higher levels of resistive exercise.

No matter if you are new to exercise or exercise daily, I am here to help tweak your programs to achieve results.

Wellness Coaching: I have a very holistic approach when it comes to living a healthy life and helping others do the same. In my wellness coaching meetings, we may discuss how to read a food label and how to make better food choices. I may educate you in what macronutrient and micronutrients are and what an appropriate caloric intake may be for you. I give sample meal ideas and help you make small changes that can make a difference. You can work out every day, but if your diet is not appropriate, you will not see the changes you desire. I also dive into stress management and the mind/body connection. The body can only achieve what the mind believes!

Inspire 180: This is the whole shebang! This includes 2 personal training sessions a week, 1 wellness training session per week, and unlimited pool/gym use.

Group exercise: Many people do great in a group setting which helps people get motivated. I offer a variety of group classes for every level. I offer early morning and evening classes. We also have pool classes. Some classes offered include Mat Pilates, Gentle Joint Aquasize, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) fit, Barre, Beginner yoga, Aquafit. Yogalates and Lauren and Scott offer RunSTRONG classes. Check out our group schedules here!

MySTEPs Gym Membership: Unlimited, independent pool/gym use. Includes a 20-minute orientation with me!

Let me help you live your best life – that is what it is all about. Every step and every small change we make, add up. I am here to guide you, support you, and motivate you to reach your potential! Let’s get moving!

Check out our Group Exercise page to see our updated wellness class schedules and other offerings. We have some great specials offered at our Lincoln location from November-March.

Jillian DeJonge, LPTA/COTA/CPT

Wellness Coordinator