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We Are Grateful

We Are Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving! We are incredibly grateful for the pleasure and opportunity to serve the West Michigan communities. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

As this year draws to a close and we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to reflect on Generation Care, our team, therapy, and just some of the reasons we are so grateful – in no particular order!


Direct Access

We are grateful that Michigan has direct access laws! Currently, direct access is legal in every state. It wasn’t that long ago that every patient had to see a physician and get a prescription before going to a physical therapist. Direct access allows patients to see a PT and get started on recovery quickly. Direct access saves our patients an extra step AND money on healthcare costs. Saving time means you’re back to getting better sooner! If you have an injury, an ache or pain, you are a candidate for direct access and can call us to schedule an evaluation at any time – WITHOUT a prescription. We are here for you!


Pediatric Patient Programs

We can’t post an article about gratitude without mentioning our littles. You may not know about Generation Care’s Pediatric Rehabilitation programs, but we are so proud of the work we are doing with pediatric patients. From physical and occupational therapy to speech therapy, we have all pediatric treatment options available right here on the Lakeshore. Our Pediatric Rehab facility, in partnership with NOCH, is located in Grand Haven – check it out here. We’re proud to share the personal stories of recovery and progress of our pediatric patients with you each month. Be sure to read them all!


Partnership with Ivy Rehab

In May of 2018, Generation Care joined the Ivy Rehab Network. The partnership with Ivy has opened many doors for us. From improved insurance access and reimbursements for patients with different health care plans to admin support, Ivy is there for Generation Care. Ivy Rehab offers education and training opportunities for our staff, recruiting assistance, and helps us expand strategic alliances. All clinics under Ivy Rehab Network provide last-minute access to appointments and free consultations with a therapist. Ivy Rehab Network allows its clinics the freedom to remain as they are and provide support behind the scenes – we are grateful for their support and partnership.


The GC Team

No words can ever adequately express the thankfulness we have for the entire Generation Care team! From our leadership team, physical, occupational, and speech therapists to our PT aides and admin support – we are GRATEFUL for the hard work and commitment that you bring to the table every single day. The GC team works tirelessly with our patients to develop recovery plans customized to their needs so they can get back to doing activities they love. We are thankful for their dedication to helping our patients get better.



Our patients’ health is our passion! Every therapist at Generation Care lives and breathes this sentiment. Our patients genuinely make coming to work every day a joy. We are grateful for every patient and the trust they have in our abilities and knowledge to help them recover.


Simply put, our mission at GC is to help transform our community by maximizing physical abilities across the lifespan. From the tiniest of humans to those in their later stages of life, we are here for every generation. We use every possible avenue to restore your physical condition to be the best it can be, and then keep you at your optimum level of health!

Thank you for trusting us with your health! We feel lucky to serve you. We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving and a happy year’s end.