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Press Release – BalanceSTRONG Center

Press Release – BalanceSTRONG Center

Media Contact:
Missy Richeal (missy@leverageadvice.com)


GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN, MARCH 14, 2018 — Generation Care™, a local rehabilitation and wellness center, announces a new program for balance and dizziness to begin the end of March.

BalanceSTRONG ™ is the premier, comprehensive balance assessment and treatment center in West Michigan. Powered by Generation Care’s physical and occupational therapist specialists in vestibular and balance recovery strategies, BalanceSTRONG features cutting edge technology. For both diagnosis and evidence-based interventions, the BalanceSTRONG center has something for all ages.

The program focuses on three primary systems – vision, equilibrium and sensation, three systems that work seamlessly to provide balance. The program has set up specific training in order to improve individually improve function within a system. BalanceSTRONG is the only place where all three systems can receive specific training in order to maximize potential and function.

Some services provided in the program include posturography, virtual reality simulation, post-concussive testing, advanced vestibular assessment and treatment, vibration therapy, hearing testing and much more. Comprehensive audiology services and ENT physician specialists through Westshore Otolaryngology will be onsite.

Visit www.generationcare.org/balancestrong to learn more about the program.

ABOUT GENERATION CARE™: Generation Care is rehabilitation and wellness organization dedicated to all ages and conditions. Founded in 1999, the organization has three different locations throughout West Michigan. Generation Care provides health care services individualized to each unique patient. With therapists that specialize in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Speech & Language Pathology and Sports & Athletic Performance Enhancement, their staff is fully equipped to handle even the most complex cases.