Introducing HealthySTEPS – a new low-impact exercise class designed uniquely for cancer survivors and those with other chronic illnesses & medical conditions!

Coming to our Lincoln location in May!

Healthy Steps is a medically based exercise program which combines gentle movement, music, and education in a group setting.

  • Provides a supportive, safe, fun environment
  • Increases ROM, upper body movement
  • Gently stretches scar tissues
  • Assists with balance, body alignment,, and flexibility
  • Opens the Lymphatic system
  • Helps increase endurance and energy
  • Promotes a positive self-image

All ages and levels of fitness are welcome so…….

                                   Come – Enjoy – Have Fun! 

When:  Tuesdays at 11:00 am
Where: Lincoln
Cost: $25/month
Instructor: Sally Klenk PT, CLM, CMLDT 

FYI- Healthy Steps is a therapy, exercise, and movement program done to great music, designed to help people thrive. It offers a wellness program for everyone, regardless of health, age, or ability level. Sherry Lebed, a breast cancer survivor & professional dancer, founded the therapeutic program known as the Lebed Method in 1980 with her two physician brothers. The program incorporates physical therapy, movements that stimulate the lymphatic system, music, dance, & positive reinforcement for fighting cancer, recovering from surgery, or facing other disorders.