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Meet Jasper!

Meet Jasper!

It’s November 1st and we just couldn’t wait another day to share this! Meet Jasper Seevers, our adorable Pediatric Patient of the Month for November! Jasper is working with Generation Care Speech Language Pathologist, Dave Eilers and Occupational Therapist, Lauren Geers at our Pediatric Rehabilitation location in partnership with NOCH in Grand Haven.

Jasper is one of the hardest workers we know! His speech journey with Mr. Dave started with him using primarily sign language to communicate. However, following speech and language treatment, he is now able to use his words to share his opinions with the world! He continues to make incredible progress and recently began combining multiple words together. Big milestone!

While working with Lauren on the OT side, Jasper used to struggle to come to therapy due to a sensory processing disorder, but now he enjoys coming to therapy! Jasper loves to help Lauren set up activities and she is so impressed with how brave and independent he is at each session. It has been great being able to watch Jasper grow!

Jasper’s mom, Michelle Seevers, says that Jasper is able to communicate so much better with words and he is also showing much less frustration since starting therapy. She also said that he is willing to touch new things with different textures and that he enjoys coming to therapy and is ready to work when he gets there!

If you have a child struggling with sensory processing disorders or speech difficulties, get in touch with us! Help is available!