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Meet Ja’Mez!

Meet Ja’Mez!

Ja’Mez is our Pediatric Patient of the Month for November! Ja’Mez and Occupational Therapist Lauren Geers, MOTR/L have been working together to help him successfully navigate all areas of his sensory disorder. One of his greatest accomplishments in therapy has been a significant improvement in the processing of sensory input from himself and his environment. Way to go Ja’Mez!

One of Ja’Mez’s goals is to be able to self-recognize and self-regulate when he is in an environment that is not conducive to his sensory needs.

“Ja’Mez has an amazing personality and infectious smile every time he comes into the clinic to ‘play’. He has a big heart and loves to make those around him happy. Ja’Mez enjoys helping me design and plan our therapy play schemes and loves to constantly change and adjust the rules or ideas.  He is always eager and happy to ‘do his work’ in exchange for a chance to play on the pirate ship at the end of each session. Ja’Mez is making great progress in his understanding of his unique sensory needs and ability to control himself. Ja’Mez is lucky to have the wonderful love and support of his parents during sessions and implementing sensory strategies at home.”  – Lauren

Jana Bunnell, Ja’Mez’s mom, says,

“Lauren has far exceeded our expectations to ensure Ja’Mez’s success both in therapy and when he walks out of the doors. We could not have asked for a more involved or caring therapist. Lauren is truly a testament to the level of care one can expect to receive at Generation Care NOCH. As parents, we have also benefited from Lauren’s suggestions and help as she patiently explains what he’s learning and is teaching us how to help Ja’Mez more at home.”

Great job Ja’Mez! We are so proud of your progress!

If you have a child that is struggling with sensory issues, please get in touch with us at our NOCH Rehab facility in Grand Haven. We have a comprehensive pediatric program with dedicated and caring therapists like Lauren that can help!