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Meet Henry! October Pediatric Patient of the Month

Pediatric patient of the month

Meet Henry! October Pediatric Patient of the Month

Henry is an energetic, cheerful, enthusiastic and hardworking little guy who has been attending Occupational Therapy at our clinic since May to address fine motor delays, sensory processing disorder, and picky eating. Henry’s difficulty with processing sensory information has made everyday tasks challenging including: controlling his body to sit and attend to tasks, regulating his emotions and endure changes in routine, as well as tolerating different textures and food.

In six short months, Henry has made amazing gains in processing sensory information, motor skills, and multitasking. Because of Henry’s improved body awareness, he has greater task attention allowing him to sit and attend to tabletop tasks such as playing games and completing puzzles and craft activities. Recently we have initiated “Food School” and Henry is enjoying being silly and playing and touching and squishing new foods and is even being brave and trying a bite or two.

His parents have said of Generation Care, “These are Henry’s people.” He loves coming to therapy and is excited to try new things! We love seeing Henry as well and look forward to all the future things he will accomplish. Wonderful work, Henry!