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Meet Barb!

Meet Barb!

Occupational therapy (OT) is Generation Care’s unique branch of rehabilitation that focuses on patient treatment from a functional standpoint. OT promotes health and well being through involvement in activities of daily living or occupations. Occupational Therapist, Christine Schanz, MS, OTR/L, from our Muskegon facility recently had patient graduate from hand therapy. Barb came to Generation Care after having a bone tumor removed.

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to have Chris as my therapist in the rehabilitation of my wrist after the removal of a bone tumor. Her kind smile, gentle demeanor, and acute focus to our task put me completely at ease. Chris listened to and acknowledged all of my concerns. Her depth and breadth of knowledge, and her ability to supply not only standard therapies but those targeted toward my specific needs. She was instrumental in my not only regaining full use of my wrist, but in minimizing the severity of the scarring. She is a quality therapist, as well as a delightful person. I would not hesitate to return to her care!” — Barb

Hand Therapy requires a special set of skills in the areas of manual therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, and static and dynamic splinting. Hand function is so essential to daily life – rehabilitation needs to be highly technical due to the complexity of the hands’ nerves, vessels, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

“Typically, we will see patients for arthritis, hand pain, post work-related injuries, and post-surgical interventions. Surgeries include carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, De Quervain’s and any fractures, trigger finger, hardware placement/removal and many more! We offer multiple modalities such as paraffin (warm wax), Fluidotherapy, ice therapy, hot packs and ultrasound to decrease pain, help with sensitivity, nerve pain and to increase the healing process. We educate on home exercise programs and look at the whole person to customize their treatment approaches to help them gain their independence back,” Christine explains.

Need to talk to a professional regarding occupational therapy? You can reach us HERE. Occupational Therapy services are offered at all three Generation Care locations. We can help!