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February is Low Vision Awareness Month

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

If you or someone you know has decreased vision that is not able to be corrected with glasses or surgery and it is starting to impact independence and ease of life, vision rehab can help you address your low vision needs to assure you maintain your independence and maintain your ability to participate in your daily life functions.

People with low vision are at a greater risk of developing depression due to decreased engagement in their hobbies, decreased independence with community access and increased frustration with daily living tasks such as reading or watching TV.

Occupational therapists will work directly with you to identify your goal areas to assure we maximize your Quality of Life and minimize your frustrations.

We will work with you to identify low-tech or high-tech solutions to keep you engaged. We will identify solutions and modifications to your home to make sure life is as easy as possible, AND we can work to remediate and maximize the way you can use any of your remaining vision!

Don’t wait until your low of vision becomes a limiter in your life! Take control and take steps now to assure you maintain your level of function!!

Shannon Davis, MOTR/L

Get in touch with Generation Care’s Occupational Therapist, Shannon Davis, MOTR/L to schedule an evaluation. Shannon has a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy and a graduate degree in Low Vision Rehabilitation through the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She can help!