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Dance is in Session!

Dance is in Session!

Any dancers out there?

Dancers are a unique group of athletes, who not only have to perform incredible bodily movements but who have to look calm and emotive while doing so!

Due to the high physical demand and repetitive motions, injuries in dancers are common…VERY common. Several research studies estimated that preprofessional adolescent ballet students experienced an injury rate higher than youth indoor soccer players and nearly twice the rate of adolescent gymnasts!

Many factors may predispose a young dancer to injury:
·      Specialization in dance: too strong of a focus on a particular style of dance at an early age
·      Lack of cross-training: not doing other physical activity besides dance!
·      High number of dance hours per week
·      Biomechanical preferences/limitations

We all have unique bodies that can do amazing things, but dancers have the bar set pretty high, so small limitations (such as decreased hip rotation, foot posture, muscular imbalance, decreased abdominal activation) can cause big issues when using those postures/preferences >20 hours per week!

At the Grand Rapids Performance Center, we can provide injury rehabilitation, pre-pointe assessment, or a specific dance screen to identify areas of risk and areas for performance improvement. We understand the specific physical demands of dancers, and are here for you! Call us at (616) 259-4028 to get started.