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A Compliment on National Compliment Day!

A Compliment on National Compliment Day!

We thought today would be a good day to share this great testimonial about Generation Care Speech-Language Pathologist, Elizabeth Turner, M.A., CCC-SLP! It IS National Compliment Day!

Liz Turner, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I am very pleased with my progress in voice therapy at Generation Care. I am diligently continuing my exercises on my own now. When I began therapy, I could hardly speak above a whisper. There are three factors that contributed to giving me my voice back. Number one is Liz who picked up immediately on my personality and needs. She is specific in her instructions, but also makes the sessions fun and personal.  Secondly, I am highly motivated to speak normally again. Thirdly, I journaled all of the exercises I did on my own, and I  detailed problems and successes to share with Liz and to teach myself how to listen and control my voice. I struggled with some exercises like blowing bubbles into a glass of water and humming at the same time, or blowing and humming with my tongue sticking out, or as we called it, “giving Liz the raspberries.” Inhibitions were overcome, and the exercises proved to be soothing to my vocal cords. I will be regularly exercising my vocal cords for many years, and I may be back for periodic tune-ups, but thanks to Liz’s positive motivation, I am undaunted by this future!” -Pamela Kearney