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Za’Riya, July’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Za’Riya, July’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Za’Riya has been working on Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy with the therapists at NOCH. Kailey Riker, Speech-Language Pathologist says “Za’Riya is a sweet, fun loving girl who has made excellent progress in her speech and occupational therapy over the past year. She is a fast learner who has shown excellent growth with articulation and phonological awareness. She loves bubbles, games, and making other people smile with her spunky personality. We love seeing Za’Riya here at NOCH!

Za’Riya is working hard to improve the clarity of her speech and improve body awareness and coordination! Abby, Za’Riya’s mom tells us that her biggest accomplishments so far is the greatly improved clarity of her speech! “We can now understand what our daughter says! She has come so far since starting therapy with Kailey. Sensory Integration Therapy is amazing! It has helped Za’Riya move better and regulate her emotions. Learning more about my daughter’s specific challenges has helped me change my parenting style in order to meet her needs. The pediatric team at North Ottawa is amazing. They are very skilled and caring medical professionals. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else!”

Thank you, Abby, for your kind words and trust in our staff and program! Keep up the great work Za’Riya!