Pilates Studio

The Pilates Studio at Generation Care offers Balanced Body® Equipment which is considered the best in the business.

Movements in the Pilates Studio can be executed in every conceivable position and for every possible purpose. Exercise on Pilates equipment often cannot be duplicated effectively on any other apparatus or in any other situation. Movements are developed in their full range of motion and resistance levels can be varied from light to heavy. Movements on the Pilates equipment combine a focus on core and extremity strength training as well as elongation of soft tissue. Posture, balance, motor control, and breath control are all key focus points in the studio. Balanced Body® certified Pilates instructors and physical therapists utilize the Pilates studio for both patient care and individualized wellness programming.

Our Studio in Grand Haven provides all major pieces of Pilates equipment: the Reformer, Cadillac (also called the Trap or Trapeze Table), EXO Chair, Arc and Ladder Barrel. These unique machines provide a total body workout using synchronized arm and leg motions. These pieces offer spring loaded resistance and the Reformer and Trap table provide excellent back support for clients who may be recovering from back problems or those who need joint therapy. The exercises performed on this equipment may range from fundamental to extremely advanced.

Our Muskegon Studio has 4 major pieces of Pilates Equipment: Exo Chair, CoreAlign, Reformer/Trapeze combination table, and the Pilates Arc. The Core Align is being used with patients for a variety of treatments including gait training and hip stabilization.

Individual sessions are $40 per half hour.

Our patients continue to give us GREAT FEEDBACK regarding incorporating exercises performed in the Pilates studio as part of their rehab journey.  Patients love the increased body awareness and confidence that being in the studio provides.  We have had several patients choose to continue working in the Pilates studio to work on wellness goals following their discharge from physical therapy.

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