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Personal Training and Wellness Coaching

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Personal Training and Wellness Coaching are a great way to supplement your MySTEPs membership (whether you are a NextSTEP member or a ForwardSTEP member) to advance your current routine, give you some fresh ideas and improve your overall health and lifestyle.


A certified personal trainer, Marcia Geissinger, is available at our Grand Haven clinic for the following services:

  • Individualized assessment
  • One-on-one counseling, goal setting and mapping out a personal plan
  • Personal training can be either gym/land based or in the pool – whatever works for you!

Come see our Dynamic Elevated Movement System and TRX for unloaded exercise options. We also have heavy battling ropes for total body strength and muscle endurance.

Our personal trainers will instruct and motivate individuals in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise which helps the heart and blood system, strength training, and stretching. We work with people of all ages and skill levels.

Join us for the best, individualized training sessions. Come and warm up early and stay late as needed.

Individual Personal Training Session $40. 30 minute sessions.


Certified Wellness Coaches at all of our clinics can help you get on track with healthy lifestyle choices and behavior changes.  They will dig into your personal nutrition needs, daily movement/activity, sleep, stress management, hydration and any other facet of life worth addressing. Get the education and tools you need to simply change your life!

Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions $30. 30 minute sessions.
Find out how insurance could be billed for this service!

Client testimonials:

  • Nick is thorough and fun. I love how educational he is. He tells us how to do the moves and why we are doing them.” – Neil
  • “Thanks to Marcia’s focused training program, I’m stronger and have more energy than I did 20 years ago. Pilates will always be a part of my life.” -Joan J.
  • Nick is quick to notice if you are having difficulty and alter alternatives and accommodations to any particular exercise. I heartily recommend him” – Sandy
  • “Even in a group class, it feels as though Marcia has tailored the workout session just for me. There’s enough new material to keep things interesting and the workout always safely pushes you to a new level of fitness.”