MySTRIDE Running Enhancement

Recent studies show high intensity interval training (HIIT) as a method to improve VO2, maximal oxygen uptake, works better than over-training (running a high number of miles) for certain race distances!

Running season is here, sign up for a running analysis in prep for your races!

Become a more efficient runner while reducing your race time and decreasing your pain! The Physical Therapy and SportsCare team at Generation Care will help you identify barriers to optimize running as well as offer technical solutions.

Your running analysis includes:

  • 1 on 1 assessment with a Physical Therapist specializing in how the runner’s body functions
  • Running form video analysis
  • Full body assessment of related joints and muscles
  • Specialized exercise program
  • Recommendations on shoes, minimalistic footwear/ forefoot running, and orthotics

Come in and let one of our physical therapists work with you in regards to footwear, common injuries, and self treatment exercises!

In Grand Rapids, we have the high performance 4Front Woodway treadmill which goes up to 18 mph and 20 degrees of incline and The Curve which is a self propelled treadmill great for high intensity interval training.   With an air pressure, un-weighted system over the 4Front we are able to utilize these  treadmills for treating a variety of  medical diagnosis as well as training for high performing athletes.

For an appointment call Generation Care:

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Keep your body functioning at an optimum level and call today!