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MyLEAP – Dance Enhancement & Injury Prevention

Dance is unlike any other sport. Dancers are among the most athletic athletes in the world; you need every ounce of strength, coordination and flexibility your body has to offer. Because dance is so unique, you need to work with someone who understands dance to get the best results.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to improve your flexibility, achieve better lines, or get stronger, it is important to work with a professional with knowledge in dance medicine.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your dance career; we work with dancers of all ages and skill, from pre-pointe to professional ballerinas. If ballet isn’t your thing, we help gymnasts and dancers with contemporary, modern, hip-hop, ballroom and tap focus as well!

Dance Injury Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation
For dancers all over West Michigan

Dance therapyWe will provide service QUICKLY – same day if possible! Our Physical Therapists are experts in movement rehabilitation and our DEMS center is one of a kind!  Dynamic Elevated Movement Studio (DEMS): One of a kind, un-weighted harness device allows you to recover faster from a leg injury while keeping you dancing! We will guide you to recovery and return to dance as quickly as possible.