Hockey is a great sport that has been around since the late 1800’s.  Its demands on the body are extreme and not having the body in top performance can result in injury.

There are two types of injuries players sustain:

  • Overuse injuries: irritation of tissue secondary to muscular imbalances and often a result of improper posture.
    • Back Pain
    • Hip or Groin Pain
  • Traumatic injuries: acute and caused by a specific single incident.  Muscle imbalances and improper posture may contribute or make a player more prone to these types of injuries.
    • Concussion
    • Separated Shoulder
    • Ankle Fracture


Posture plays an important role in the sport of hockey because of its demands on the body: stabilization on a slippery surface, narrow base of support (on skates), needing to keep the head up, sprinting, and sustained squat position from anywhere between 30 to 75 seconds.  Most players aren’t taught the proper squat posture until they start lifting weights and by then many habits have already started.  With improper posture players are more apt to develop lower back pain, groin pain, pain in the front of the knee, neck pain and be more prone to a traumatic injury as the hips and core muscles will not be optimally developed.

Proper Hockey Posture (easier said than done)

  • hockey picWeight through the arch of foot in the skate
  • Knees on top of ankles
  • Hips and knees slightly bent
  • Butt out
  • Flat back
  • Lifted ribs
  • Head looking forward

The proper posture keeps the spine in neutral by limiting the extension forces on the joints while allowing optimal hip to muscle positioning and power.

Maximize posture to achieve optimal strength and to minimize injury!