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Sports and Athletic Performance Enhancement

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PowerSTEP Programs:

ACL Return to Sport

Run, jump, throw, tee off; we have you covered. 

Athletes, whether the weekend warrior or Red Wings hockey player, find their way to Generation Care.

We are all about MECHANICS and EFFICIENCY of movement. WHY are you hurting? How can we get you back in the game quickly, safely, and perform better than ever?

Our experienced team can guide you to recovery, integrating sports back into your life as quickly as possible.

Research and Advancements:

  • New and exciting research is currently being performed through the Institute of Physical Arts at the Long Island University Manhattan on the effects of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, a hands on treatment approach to facilitate proper core-first muscle contraction, and marathoner’s time. Preliminary case studies show promising results!

Over half of the patient population treated at the Generation Care Performance Center in Grand Rapids consists of post-concussion cases! Doctors are referring to our team for their knowledge, expertise, and unique collaborative care consisting of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Come see us for pre and post concussion management! POST CONCUSSION CARE

Meet our Sports Therapists: