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Spine Care

How many of us have had the occasional neck or low back pain? Plenty. Our therapy team is here for anything from the simple “kink” that won’t go away, to the more complex disc herniation or post-surgical condition.

Generation Care spine care employs a comprehensive, eclectic, evidenced-based approach.  Every patient receives a thorough physical examination of the spine, regional peripheral joints, neurologic assessment, and neuromuscular system assessment to identify the pain generator and contributing factors with daily activity. Patient education is the foundation of our approach to empower the client to be an active participant in their recovery and life-long wellness. With certified specialists from the McKenzie institute, North American Institute of Manual Therapy, Institute of Physical Art, Mulligan program and orthopedic specialists from the American Physical Therapy Association, patients will receive a comprehensive treatment approach that fits the patient presentation as well as patient and physician values. Each of our clinics have unloading modalities for progressive lower quarter loading with optimal efficiency for acute / subacute injury including onsite aquatics (Muskegon and Grand Haven), Pilates equipment, Redcord, and suspension. Our goal for every patient is to maximize function, return to work, and recreational activity. Worksite ergonomic and performance analysis is also available for an optimal return to work or sport while reducing recidivism.

At GC we focus not just on spinal pain but postural and spinal control.   Even in the absence of pain this can have an impact on hip, knee, foot, and shoulder pain and injury.   Screening procedures can detect your risk and provide a path for optimal performance limiting your risk for injury. 

Many of our outpatient therapists have specialized training and expertise in spinal conditions, including our board certified, orthopedic specialists and manual therapists. We continually update our skills with competency assessments annually, and we embrace a wide variety of manual therapy theories into our work.

We use mostly our hands, teaching, and specialized techniques such as manual therapy, strain-counter strain, muscle energy, and more to achieve proper alignment and stabilization of the spine. As an adjunct to stabilization and re-balancing strategies, we may utilize spinal unloading options in the Pilates studio, or other options such as the pool. Bottom line – our spine care team is the best around, and they won’t rest until they find the source of the issue, make every effort to resolve it, and give you strategies to help you…for life.

Generation Care is a preferred provider for Orthopedic Associates of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI for physical therapy services.

Meet our Spine Specialty Team: