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Parkinson’s Programs

At Generation Care, we seek to utilize various forms of exercise to help combat the movement issues associated with Parkinson’s Disease. we believe that it is important to GET moving, KEEP moving, and STAY moving!

In response to the overwhelming success of LSVT BIG© and LOUD ©, we have formed the GO! Group for maintenance and continued calibration of movement and voice volume. These groups meet once per week for 6 weeks:

We are looking to form a group.  If you are interested, please call our Muskegon clinic to add your name to the waiting list.

Call for more information or to give it a try today!

Generation Care is passionate about helping those challenged by Parkinson’s disease throughout their life.   We are the only therapy provider on the lakeshore that provides all FIVE evidence-based interventions to maximize the potential of someone struggling with Parkinson’s disease.


  • lsvt bigLSVT BIG© – Intensive rehabilitation; 4 week program; 4 days per week; 1 hour per day – based on the fundamental of large amplitude movements.  Amazing results!  Go to:   www.lsvtglobal.com for a first-hand look at the research and results of this incredible program. May only be offered by LSVT certified therapists.


  • lsvt mouthLSVT LOUD© – Voice amplitude is a huge issue with progressive Parkinson’s disease.  LOUD does more than treat the voice – the whole face and expression of the “mask” associated with Parkinson’s changes following this intensive 4 week program.  Stop in to meet with an LSVT Loud-Certified Speech Pathologist.  You’ll be glad you did!


Generation Care has many certified LSVT clinicians on staff!


  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy – traditional therapies to address swallowing dysfunction (dysphagia), mobility needs, activities of daily living and home exercise programs.
  • Aquatic exercise – Offered both as individuals or in an Aquatic Pool group lead by a therapist, this is often the best way for many to keep moving!  This program focuses on trunk rotation, posture and stride length – all of the typical issues with the disease progression.  And it is SOOOOOO fun!
  • Tai Chi – this slow-moving, gentle and beautiful exercise form comes from the Chinese, and it has been proved to lower blood pressure, strengthen, improve balance, and totally impact the function of any older adult.  Come and try it!
  • Tandem Bicycling:  PEDALING FOR PARKINSONS™     Based on the cutting edge research at the Cleaveland Clinic, Generation Care is part of meeting the Parkinsons’ community’s need through high speed, high intensity tandem cycling.  The research protocol of 3 times per week, 40 minute rides at 80-90 RPM’s is met with a volunteer rider on the back seat, forcing the clipped in lower extremities of the person with Parkinson’s to meet the physical demand by setting the high pace.   Studies show that medication can be lowered, tremors and rigidity impacted, and cardiovascular results are amazing too!

   Please let us know if you would like to trial the biking or volunteer to ride with a PWP (person with parkinsons).

 Meet our Parkinson’s Specialty Team: