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Neurological Conditions

Generation Care is known for its comprehensive therapy options for patients with a wide range of acute and chronic neurological conditions.

We are the only facility in West Michigan that proudly provides all of the cutting edge, evidence based clinical and wellness programs for people challenged by Parkinsons disease.

  1. LSVT®  Big program:   Intensive therapy, 4 hours per week for 4 weeks – total of 16 sessions by certified LSVT therapists.  The clinical outcomes are incredible. Look at LSVTGlobal.com and watch the videos!   Call for a screen today!
  2. LSVT® Loud Program:   Intensive speech therapy to improve voice volume.   4 hours per week; 4 days a week – 16 sessions until life-changing results!
  3. GO Group! Just for People Challenged by Parkinson’s
    • Founded on the principles of LSVT™
    • Focuses on large amplitude movement and sound
    • Great for Big™ and Loud™ graduates, or those new to large amplitude movement

    This group meets 1 time per week for 6 weeks and is led by LSVT certified BIG and LOUD therapists. $48 for 6 weeks.

  4. Aquatic/ Pool Parkinsons program:   Focuses specifically on the physical needs of the person with Parkinsons – trunk rotation, flexibility, strength, balance and endurance
  5. Tai Chi: for balance, strength, and motor control
  6. Physical Therapy: To promote safety and independence with all mobility skills, including home exercise programs specific for the person with Parkinsons
  7. Occupational Therapy:  to maximize function in activities of daily living and leisure skills
  8. Speech Therapy:  for swallowing, voice volume, cognitive function and more

Other neurological diagnoses:

  • Stroke (CVA – Cerebrovascular Accident):     NDT –trained clinicians; individualized care
  • Home Assessments to maximize safety and promote function and independence
  • Brain tumor
  • Pediatric diagnoses:  cerebral palsy; genetic conditions; shaken baby syndrome and its manifestations
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Closed head injury and Post-Concussion therapy
  • Cognitive Care© – for dementia staging and management
  • Spinal Cord Injury recovery

Call and speak to a Clinical Manager today at any site regarding your Neurological condition or question.