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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is SO much more than moving land-based exercise under water! At Generation Care, we utilize the physics of water to maximize every minute and every possible benefit of working in water.

Generation Care is a LEADER in Aquatic Therapy education, with over 300 students from the Physical Therapy Doctoral program at CMU  trained in the last 9 years.  We provide intensive 2-day seminars for professionals at all levels

Principles related to the following fundamentals are carefully considered when we add aquatic therapy to your program:

  • Buoyancy
  • Water current and drag
  • Immersion and joint unloading
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Systemic impact on the whole body
  • Center of balance changes
  • Isokinetic properties of water
  • Speed of movement and coordination

gh POOL EDITED2Therapy may include BAD RAGAZ RING METHOD, a highly skilled technique where the therapists are working with a supported patient on the surface of the water – like they are floating – only with some help of equipment! This position allows us to unload the spine and use gentle, segmental movements and the properties of the water to either support, resist or hold movements in place as the patient is gently moved through the water.

Our pools have many special features to support the patient experience: 012

  • Underwater plyometric cants – for simulated skating
  •  Benches for rest or seated exercises
  • Jets for spot muscle tension attention
  • Various depths for various heights and unloading options
  • Ramps for water wheelchair access
  • Currents for resisted swimming or trunk work
  • A wide variety of aquatic equipment to support the purposes of therapy in the water
  • Underwater parallel bars – where nothing is impossible!

Not a swimmer? Afraid of the water? No problem. Aquatic therapy isn’t about swimming at all – it is about using the properties of water to bring about the best therapy outcome in the quickest amount of time. You will be safe and secure and NEVER in deep water. Just standing in the pool causes your spine muscles to kick in – where else can you exercise just standing in the water? If you are worried about bathing suits – don’t! Clean shorts and a
t-shirt are fine.

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“The first time I moved my leg after my spinal cord injury, I was in the water.  I took my first step in the water.  Amazing moment for me.”  Garrett B.  2012




Important notes:

  • Everyone MUST take a soap shower prior to entering the pool – not because you are dirty, but because we want to keep everything super clear of algae that can hide on bathing suits – you might not even know it is there!
  • Pool anti-slip shoes are recommended
  • Please bring your own towel.  Hair dryers are available should you get your hair wet.
  • Your therapist will be right in the water with you, every step of the way.