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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Generation Care is SO MUCH MORE than traditional rehabilitation.  Our dynamic team focuses on evaluating how you move (biomechanics), your medical history, and what we see, hear, touch, and observe…  discovering the cause of your problem(s) and creating the most effective plan to get you back on track…for life.    Physical therapy can be life changing if it is done right!   Our therapists are totally dedicated to having a relationship with you based on trust, skill, and commitment to improvement.   We use every evidence-based strategy and a very talented  team of therapists to find solutions for you.   We pride ourselves on individualized, one on one, intensive sessions – no “shake and bake” at GC.   A manually-based approach – “HANDS ON” – is how we guide your care and recovery.   When you graduate from therapy you can continue in our Encore program,  in a “wellness home” where you feel safe, you know everyone, and you can have some fun too!

Generation Care’s quest for excellence is founded on specialists in the following areas:

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Our physical therapy team is dedicated to specialization and education, with advanced training and certifications in focused areas listed above. Our PT team works collaboratively with our Speech and Occupational Therapy teams to treat the WHOLE person, helping our patients become as healthy, strong, functional, independent, and performing at the highest level, as quickly as possible.

“It’s ALL in the WAY WE TREAT YOU!”