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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a unique branch of the rehabilitation team that focuses on patient treatment from a truly functional perspective. Occupational therapists promote health and well-being through involvement in activities of daily living or occupations. Our occupations are all of the things we need and want to be able to do in a day. For a child those things may include feeding themselves, playing with their toys and interacting with friends. For an adult, OT may need to focus on getting dressed, driving a car, managing time, returning to work or participating safely in leisure tasks. Occupational therapists are trained to consider a person holistically and help them achieve their goals through activities that are meaningful to them. Occupational therapists understand that a complex combination of social, environmental and biological factors may cause a person to have difficulty completing a task. An OT may adapt an environment to promote safety, modify a task to increase independence, teach a new skill, remediate a deficit area, or even work with you and your family to understand your overall health. An Occupational therapist will apply evidence based practice to assure the best personal goal outcomes for you and/or your loved one in order to live life to its fullest!

We have Occupational Therapy specialists in the following areas:IMG_1335

Our OT team works collaboratively with our Speech and Physical Therapy teams to treat the WHOLE person, helping achieve the highest level of function.