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BestHealth Occupational Health Program

Generation Care exists to meet the health needs of our community.  One specialized area of rehabilitation is preventing and treating the unique aspects of work-related injuries or cumulative trauma.  Because of our depth of expertise and experience, physical and occupational therapists not only can evaluate the physical condition, but also the mechanics and factors that may have contributed to the problem.  Every employer wants healthy employees who are the right fit for the job.  We can help!  In response to the growing needs of local employers, Generation Care’s BESTHEALTH health product line was born! 

Our BestHealth programs  are for both employers and employees who make our communities strong and productive.  We focus on providing consultation and interventions to prevent, assess, manage and return employees to work as quickly as possible.

Generation Care is proudly serving the BestHealth needs of KNOLL , Inc in Muskegon.   On site physical therapy services are instrumental in reducing absenteeism, prevention of injury escalation, and implementing safe work lines on the manufacturing floor.   Our Ergonomic Specialist is amazing!

“We see our on- site wellness and physical therapy clinic growing to meet the needs of our workers, right where we need the care the most.”  DB; Knoll, Inc. ; 2013.

Generation Care is proud to offer programs for employers in the following areas:

  • The Older Adult Worker – ergonomic and cultural considerations
  • Ergonomic Interventions for Supervisors
  • Ergonomic Understanding for Line Workers

After completing one year of work with Knoll Group, we have seen success on an individual, group, and company level.  Education, on site physical therapy, ergonomic assessment, and low-cost ergonomic changes have made all the difference!

BestHealth is an interdisciplinary menu of health and wellness services that focuses on three primary targets related to work health.

1.)  BestFit – Pre-employment physicals and testing, options for job-specific work readiness assessments

  1. Pre-employment physicals
  2. Lab assessments – basic health parameters, such as CBC, key cancer markers, urinalysis, HIV screens, cholesterol testing, etc.
  3. Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) to match job descriptions
  4. For highly physical, manually demanding jobs, additional agility and plyometric testing can be done through SportsMetrics testing
  5. Screening for the top Employee Health Issues such as: hypertension, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, spine-related disorders and more
  6. One-on-one review of results with client; copies to personal physician
  7. Composite information provided to employee – HIPAA compliant

Generation Care is a proud provider of BestFit services on site at Knoll Group since 2013

2.)  BestWork – Wellness and prevention services in the workplace

  1. Employee interest and needs assessment :  through electronic or paper survey, compile feedback for the corporation that directs the programming most likely for high employee compliance
  2. Realistic, cost effective, meaningful injury prevention programs such as carpal tunnel relief, stress management, low back and cervical problem prevention, etc.
  3. Ergonomic and work site assessments by a  certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist
  4. Composite summaries for employer

Generation Care is the proud provider of BestHealth services to the GRAND HAVEN FIRE AND RESCUE  TEAM since 2012!

3.)  BestRecovery – Rapid, effective, return to work rehabilitation program

  1. Intense, affordable, evidence-based rehabilitation – physical and occupational therapy
  2. Case management – collaboration with HR or other company representatives, including 30 day, 90 day, and 6 month data tracking
  3. Functional Capacity Evaluations – objective, defensible data to support return to work
  4. Work Hardening – intensive, progressive, job specific training as needed
  5. Prevention – cumulative trauma education and prevention strategies to avoid re-injury

If you are interested in learning more about how we can serve you or your needs on or off the work site, please contact Holly, Occupational Health Team leader, at (231) 737-4374 or (616) 935-3300.   We can create a plan JUST FOR YOU!

 Meet our Occupational Health Specialty Team:

“What I like the most is that you listened to me about what I do at work every day, and you made sure I was ready before I went back to work.  Thank you for helping me change my desk set up – such simple changes make a big difference.  My boss was so happy to get me back to work a month earlier than we all thought.   I hope to not need you again, but if I do, I know where to go!”   Dean R,  Whitehall, 2011