Muskegon, MI

945. E. Sherman Blvd.
P. 231.737.4374

Grand Rapids, MI

4095 Park East Court SE
P: 616.259.4028

Grand Haven, MI

16760 Lincoln Street
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NOCHS, Grand Haven, MI

1015 S. Beacon Blvd.
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What Generation Care in Muskegon Does Well

What Generation Care in Muskegon Does Well

Generation Care in Muskegon has been servicing Muskegon and the surrounding areas since 2001. Not only do we provide physical therapy, but occupational and speech therapy. Having all of these services available at one location with some of the most talented clinicians in the area allows for great interdisciplinary care.

Generation Care is devoted to engagement in ongoing professional education as well as providing the highest level of expert care to our patients. No therapist stays the same; each is constantly growing in skill sets. They stay up-to-date on the latest research and are continually pushing themselves in their careers and treatment approaches.

Generation Care — Muskegon is the home to aquatic therapy, oncology rehab, lymphedema and wound care, wellness services (MySTEPS), LSVT Big and Loud programming for people challenged by Parkinson’s disease, and advanced women’s health care. Additionally, we excel at treatment of the neck and spine, orthopedic, post-operative, post-concussion, neurological, vestibular, TMJ and headache, and geriatric care. Many therapists have achieved the highest level of specialization and certification in manual and orthopedic rehabilitation within internationally recognized treatment approaches such as osteopathic and mulligan mobilization with movement strategies.

Generation Care’s culture of care focuses on intensive 1: 1, therapist to patient ratio, from the first visit to graduating from that episode of care. No bouncing around or handoffs. Each patient experience – from the moment someone walks in the clinic – is focused on friendly, sincere customer service. At Generation Care in Muskegon, it is our goal and pride to provide great customer experience – from start to finish – and help our patients navigate the complicated health care environment, advocating for their needs. Our patients’ goals are OUR goals!

Get in touch with us at Generation Care Muskegon at (231) 737-4374.