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Grand Rapids, MI

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Grand Haven, MI

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NOCHS, Grand Haven, MI

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Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

Personal Training

Cost: $40 per 30-minute session

Personal Training is a great way to supplement your MySTEPs membership to advance your current routine, give you some fresh ideas and improve your overall health and lifestyle.

A Generation Care Certified Personal Fitness Trainer will provide:

  • An individualized assessment
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Goal setting and mapping out a personal plan

Personal training can be either gym/land based or in the pool – whatever works for you!

Our personal trainers will instruct and motivate individuals in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise, which helps the heart and blood system, strength training, and stretching. We work with people of all ages and skill levels.

Wellness Coaching

Cost: $30 per 30-minute session

Certified Wellness Coaches at all of our clinics can help you get on track with healthy lifestyle choices and behavior changes.  They will dig into your personal nutrition needs, daily movement/activity, sleep, stress management, hydration and any other facet of life worth addressing. Get the education and tools you need to simply change your life!