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Telehealth is right for you!

Telehealth is right for you!

I’m sure you have gotten the emails, seen the advertisements, or had a healthcare professional reach out to you about “telehealth” as an alternative option to an in-clinic medical or therapy visit. Heck, I’ve called dozens upon dozens of patients to check in, see how they are holding up, and let them know we are now able to provide therapy services (physical, occupational and speech therapy) via “telehealth.” Some people are immediately dismissive of the concept, feel they don’t know how to operate the technology well enough, or simply think it seems, “weird.” The rest of the people inevitably ask, “How does that work?” or “How could that help me with my issue?”

Telehealth, while recently exploding in the consciousness of many people, isn’t an entirely new concept. Physician’s offices and therapy clinics in many parts of the country have been offering telehealth services for years and doing so effectively. Our current landscape has forced all healthcare providers to explore this option to continue to provide care for existing patients, along with patients that haven’t started therapy yet. Telehealth provides us an opportunity to see you, you can see us, go through different assessments just like we would in the clinic, educate you, the patient, on what we are seeing, and prescribe movements or a home exercise program that is designed to get you better. If you’ve ever had therapy before, that should sound like a very familiar therapy session. Our number one priority as therapy clinics and individual clinicians is to get our patients better. That has become much more complicated in the last month, so telehealth is a type of care where we can do 3 very important things:

  1. Get you feeling better
  2. Keep you and your family safe
  3. Keep us and our families safe

If we can check all 3 of those boxes, we are doing something right in challenging times.

For many, clinicians and patients alike, telehealth is outside of our normal comfort zones. We are human, which means we like our comfort zone, and during uncertain times where very little is comfortable, we want to stay entrenched there. I would be willing to wager that no clinicians got into their profession so they could provide care via telehealth. We got into therapy to make personal connections with people face to face, sit across from the patient and feel where they are coming from, and use our training and skills to get them better. While none of us envisioned that happening via telehealth, we can still do that! I would be willing to wager that no patient, whether having been to therapy before or not, envisioned getting care via a computer, tablet, or phone screen. However, our patients are seeing the benefit of this “new” type of care. Here is the feedback we recently got from a patient who was evaluated by one of our clinicians via telehealth, “Friendly, efficient and extremely helpful.”

These are odd times to be a therapy patient and a therapist. We all have the same goal in this, get you better! If you are understandably uncomfortable coming into the clinic, let us achieve our mutual goal by offering you a telehealth session! Give us a call at your clinic locations if you have more questions or check out our telehealth page!


Brian Keenoy PT, DPT 
Area Director – Generation Care Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy