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Remembering Samantha Deur – Our Special Pediatric Patient of the Month for March

Remembering Samantha Deur – Our Special Pediatric Patient of the Month for March

This month, our Pediatric Patient of the Month post is serving as a platform to remember a life that our team loved so much, Samantha Deur.

Samantha ‘Sami’ Deur gained her angel wings on January 31, 2019. Our team had the pleasure of working with Sami and her incredible family since 2014. Kory (Dad), Heidi (Mom) and brother (Lukas) are a devoted and loving family. They tirelessly drove 30 minutes in the car each way to attend therapy visits 3 times per week so Sami could progress in the areas of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We had the extreme pleasure of watching this little girl grow up and fiercely achieve goals in so many areas. While we spent years celebrating her achievements with them, our team is now grieving alongside this family and we felt that it was only right to honor her memory.

Sami’s smile and giggly squeal could melt you from the inside out. She always possessed a lot of fire that some would call “sassiness”. Sami could always use this to communicate her wants, needs, and generally strong opinions to her therapists. 🙂 We will never listen to any songs from Frozen, Moana or the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Song without a memory of her sweet smile coming to our minds.

While we are all hurting and sad, we also wanted to share the message of Sami’s life to those that read this post each month in the hopes of spreading the light that Sami gave to all of us. Sami’s mottos for life included,

“Sami never gives up, Sami finds a way”, “Though she be but little, she is fierce”, and “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”


If you find yourself in a battle that seems immense—remember “Super Sami” who never gave up.

When you feel that the world around you is unfair—remember Sami and her family who found joy and love in each day and were grateful for all moments, big and small.

When you feel like you need a break, put on your favorite soundtrack and dance—the Hotdog Dance is sure to make you smile.


The world doesn’t feel the same now that Sami is watching us from Heaven, but the world is undoubtedly better because Sami was here. Sami’s life left an imprint on all of our hearts and her memories will be with our team forever.

In loving memory of Samantha Deur 10/17/13-1/31/19