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Redcord Therapy

Redcord Therapy

Have you heard about Redcord? At our NOCH location, we have a Redcord suspension system! Redcord is a multifunctional piece of equipment. It allows for patients limbs to be suspended allowing you to relax while the therapist can perform range of motion exercises and joint mobilizations to treat many types of conditions and pain. Additionally, this equipment can be converted to allow for dynamic strengthening athletes. It can also be used for body weight supported strengthening for the non-ambulatory patient. This equipment is so versatile all our therapists can use Redcord as part of a comprehensive treatment plan!

Redcord treatment is available at the NOCHS rehab location – 1015 South Beacon Blvd. in Grand Haven. It is adaptable to all patients and can be used for a wide range of treatment applications – even chronic or acute back pain, and total joint replacements can benefit from Redcord. It can help stabilize a joint, limb, or the entire body with elastics when extra support is needed, enabling physical therapists to do more therapeutic exercise comfortably and in concentrated areas of the body. This is cutting-edge technology! Treatment with Redcord improves comfort, improves clinical outcomes, and reduces overall costs of care!

Call us to learn more about Redcord and to set up an appointment at the NOCHS Rehab Facility – (616) 847-5293.