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Wound Care

Wound Care

Most people are unaware of the vast scope of practice for physical therapists, especially when it comes to treatment of wounds. With certified wound and lymphedema experts on staff, we often team up together to treat both acute and chronic skin and lymphedema problems.

Our wound team can tackle most wounds with excellent assessment of underlying reasons for delayed healing, debridement of necrotic tissue, use of interactive dressings, and purposeful compression.

Generation Care’s clinical outcome for complicated wounds is 85% closure within 30 days. We have also expanded our wound care expertise to include collagen powders and honey-foundation dressings to facilitate a speedy and safe recovery.

“I wish every doctor who performs mastectomies knew about what a physical therapist can do. From the positioning and early exercise to deep tissue work, strengthening, lymphedema management – all of this help put me back together again. I will never forget you. Ever.” - Lydia B.