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Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and Language Pathology

Communication is a HUGE part of our every day lives! When communication is compromised, it can become very difficult to meet basic wants/needs and maintain quality of life. We are here to help!

Speech Therapy involves remediation of communication disorders (articulation, language, voice, stuttering), cognition, and swallowing skills. A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) assists individuals of all ages who struggle with speech/language disorders because of developmental delays, stroke, brain injuries, learning disabilities, dementia, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, hearing loss, and other problems that can affect speech. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are highly trained professionals who specialize in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of disorders. SLPs work with all ages (pediatrics to geriatrics) and all diagnoses.

An important part of a SLPs work is the counseling and support of individuals and families with speech disorders and how to cope with stress associated with these deficits. SLPs also work with families on treatment techniques to use at home and on how to modify behavior that interferes with communication.

Specialized Speech Therapy programs at Generation Care include LSVT LOUD™ (voice program developed for persons challenged by Parkinson’s Disease), Cognitive Care Program (cognitive staging for dementia patients), and Post Concussion Program.

LSVT LOUD Program is a valuable “tool” to improve voice quality and, more important to me, improve swallowing. Entire staff is very pleasant and helpful.” – LSVT patient

Our Speech-Language Pathologists have vast experience in working with the following diagnoses and deficits:

  • Pediatric Speech-Language Disorders (expressive/receptive)
  • Pediatric Feeding; Beckman Oral Motor Program certified therapist
  • Stuttering
  • Autism
  • Adult Neurological Patients with memory loss, cognitive deficits, and language challenges; Dementia
  • Aphasia (difficulty speaking following stroke)
  • Dysarthria/Apraxia
  • Swallowing Difficulties; Dysphagia
  • Communication and Receptive/Expressive Language Deficits
  • Vocal Fold Nodules/Polyps, Chronic Hoarseness
  • Voice Amplitude Deficits