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Pain Treatment

Healing for a better tomorrow

If you are in pain and don’t know why, if doctors have examined you and no one can pinpoint why you’re in pain, or you have had multiple surgeries and multiple medications and still cannot manage your pain, you are not alone! If you have experienced pain for greater than 6 months, or have pain that persists even when an injury has had time to heal, you suffer from chronic pain and help is available.


Chronic pain may leave you wanting to curl up in bed with a heating pad and a bottle of medication to help ease your aches. Although doing exercise or movement of any kind may sound like sheer torture, it may actually be one of the best pain management options for your chronic pain.


Chronic pain is more prevalent than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. The good news is that it is treatable and there is hope! A better understanding of pain has allowed for new, cutting edge treatments, which have shown improvements in even the most complex pain problems.

Certified Dry Needling Experts – A new discovery in pain management

Neuro-reflexive therapy such as dry needling or cranio-sacral rebalancing, may often be the treatment that “finally works” for people struggling with chronic pain. Dry needling may help calm the nervous system and promote body awareness. Once the nervous system is calmed and coordinated, patients often report less pain, improved mood, decreased mental fog, improved balance and less overall sense of dizziness. You may benefit from dry needling if you have

  • Multiple joint and extensive orthopedic dysfunction
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Chronic or recurrent pain syndromes
  • Post-traumatic or significant injury conditions

No referral is necessary for Dry Needling treatments.