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Grand Rapids, MI

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Grand Haven, MI

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NOCHS, Grand Haven, MI

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Aquatic Therapy

The Leaders In Aquatic Therapy

Generation Care’s aquatic therapy program helps you recover faster. Our therapists are trained and certified in special advanced techniques such as the well-known Bad Ragaz Ring method.

They also are right there in the water with you during your therapy session.


A customized aquatic therapy treatment program can allow injured patients to exercise with a greater range of motion without hurting joints or re-injuring themselves. The workout gets the blood moving faster through the injured area, so healing happens faster. The water pressure also helps keep swelling down while improving balance and coordination.


Our pools at both the Grand Haven and Muskegon clinics have many special features to support the patient, including:

  • Underwater plyometric cants – for simulated skating
  • Benches for rest or seated exercises
  • Jets for spot muscle tension attention
  • Various depths for various heights and unloading options
  • Ramps for water wheelchair access
  • Currents for resisted swimming or trunk work
  • A wide variety of aquatic equipment to support the purposes of therapy in the water
  • Underwater parallel bars – where nothing is impossible!


Leaders in aquatic therapy also teach others.

In addition to the aquatic therapy program for our patients, Generation Care is also a leader in Aquatic Therapy education, with over 300 students from the Physical Therapy Doctoral program at Central Michigan University trained in the last 9 years. We provide intensive 2-day seminars for professionals at all levels.

The first time I moved my leg after my spinal cord injury, I was in the water. I took my first step in the water. Amazing moment for me. ~ Garrett B.