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Ranae’s Story – Hope Floats

Ranae’s Story – Hope Floats

Have you heard about our Hope Floats group aquatic class? This program focuses on the unique physical needs of the cancer survivor, combating fatigue – fighting strategies and fun! Held once per week on Tuesday’s at 4 pm at our Muskegon Location, this class is taught by Generation Care therapist, Tracy Lee, MSPT.

Read about Ranae’s journey in her own words and take her up on the invitation to join Hope Floats!

“I love Hope Floats! We do float with “Hope”! I have been going to Generation Care for over four years after my Breast Cancer surgeries. Two years ago, I began attending Hope Floats to help with recovery from fat necrosis, healing and scar tissue. This class is not only physical therapy, it is emotional therapy as well. We all share stories about our journey with cancer, our families, health and future plans. Tracy Lee teaches Hope Floats and she helps to make us feel like a family and challenges us to build our strength, wellness and “Hope” for a more fit and active life. We laugh a lot and splash about and enjoy the “hope” for a more comfortable life after cancer. Come float with us!” – Ranae Erickson