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Post Mastectomy Care

Post Mastectomy Care

By Megan Dickerson, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

Life after a mastectomy procedure is complicated with many medical visits and decisions about further treatment including reconstruction, radiation, and chemotherapy. In addition, there are other complications that may exist including physical pain, fatigue, emotional changes, fear of movement of arms, scarring, lymphedema in arms, loss of engagement in everyday activities and social isolation.

An occupational therapist’s holistic approach enables you to share your complications and help you hurdle them in order to return to taking care of yourself, your home, your social responsibilities, and your job with focus on the following:


  • Perform daily activities with modification technique and/ or adaptive equipment
  • Manage lymphedema with massage, exercise, and appropriate compression
  • Utilization of energy conservation techniques personalized to current daily routines
  • Management of stress and pain with relaxation techniques and education

Our Occupational Therapists are here for you after a breast cancer diagnosis. Please get in touch and allow us to assist you on your road to recovery!