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My Swing

My Swing

Golf Enhancement

MySWING is an individual or small group golf-conditioning program specific to the physical demands and ballistic movements of the recreational or advanced golfer.

Using a biomechanical and fitness approach to enhancing the recreational or advanced golfer’s mobility, strength, balance and overall performance, MySWING is the leader in performance and injury prevention for golfers at all levels.

Did you know that in any given golf season, 40% of amateur golfers and 60% of golf professionals would sustain a golf related injury?  80% of these injuries can be attributed to overuse!

 Programs Include: 

  • Individual mobility and strength assessment to identify body regions at increased risk of injury
  • Golf-specific balance tasks, strengthening exercises, and a stretching regimen
  • Foundational stance and swing alterations, plus drills designed to optimize performance and minimize injury
  • Home program and pre-golf warm up
  • Video analysis



  • $99 for a comprehensive evaluation
  • $55 for each individual 30-minute session
  • Or, $200 for a package of four (4) 30-minute sessions