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Concussion Care

Concussion Care

The days of sitting in a dark room to treat a concussion are over. Statistics have shown that as concussion symptoms begin to decrease, physical therapy has been shown to help recover balance, gaze stability, focus, gait and mood.

Our trained and experienced athletic trainers and physical therapists work closely with the athlete, referring physician(s), parents and coaches to make sure the concussed individual is ready to return to play or activity without fear of long-term effects.

Physical therapists who specialize in specific treatment approaches, and speech pathologists with specialized training in cognition and executive functioning, work together to clear all systems, preventing problems in the years to come – often overlooked in the initial injury assessment process.

Program Features:

  • Cranio-sacral techniques to assist with treatment of headaches and sensory disturbances
  • Vestibular therapy for intermittent vertigo or dizziness
  • Balance recovery and re-training
  • TMJ – jaw mobility and alignment limitations secondary to trauma
  • Upper cervical mobility and stability restored secondary to post-traumatic guarding
  • Cognitive assessment and executive function re-training
  • Vision and perceptual difficulty
  • Progressive sub-symptom exercise progression specific to sport or activity