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Parkinson’s GO! Group

Parkinson’s GO! Group

Generation Care is known for its comprehensive therapy options for patients with a wide range of acute and chronic neurological conditions. We’ve put programs in place that truly help, and we’re at the forefront of treating those with Parkinson’s. We would like to introduce you to our Parkinson’s GO! Group. Founded on the principles of LSVT™, our GO! Group focuses on large amplitude movement and sound. This group class is a perfect next step for Big™ and Loud™ graduates or those new to large amplitude movement.

The Parkinson’s GO! Group will officially begin on March 14th at our Lincoln location in Grand Haven. This group meets 1 time per week for 6 weeks and is led by LSVT™ certified BIG™ & LOUD™ therapist, Wesley Barger. The cost is $48 for 6 weeks.

If you or someone you know is challenged by Parkinson’s, this group may be just what you’re looking for.

Please call (616) 935-3300 to reserve your spot for the Parkinson’s Go! Group!

Visit our Neurological Conditions page to learn more about how we treat Parkinson’s at Generation Care.