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October Pediatric Patient of the Month: Grason!

October Pediatric Patient of the Month: Grason!

Grason Collis has been working hard in speech and language therapy and occupational therapy at North Ottawa Community Hospital outpatient center. Grason attends speech and language therapy with Jen Feurt, M.A, CCC-SLP and occupational therapy with Krystina Donoghue, M.S, OTR/L. In speech, Grason is currently working on his articulation skills with a focus on the production of the phoneme /s/.

Ms. Jen reports that “Grason is doing a great job producing /s/ in structured speaking tasks and is very close to meeting this goal! Grason has been making excellent progress over the past few weeks and is on the way to meeting all of his speech and language goals!” Grason always comes to therapy with a positive attitude and always tries his hardest in every aspect of treatment.

In occupational therapy, Ms. Krystina reports that “Grason has made great improvements with increased awareness of his sensory needs.” Grason’s parents Dustin and Amanda Collis report that they “are very proud of the gains that Grason is making in speech and occupational therapy! Jen and Krystina are wonderful with him and have taught him so much!” Way to go Grason! We are all very proud of the progress that you have made here at NOCH! Keep up the excellent work!