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November Pediatric Patient of the Month!

November Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Meet Mason, the November Pediatric Patient of the Month! Mason has been working with Physical and Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapist, Sarah Murphy has been helping Mason strengthen his upper body!

Sarah says, “Mason has been making such great progress in occupational therapy! He arrives with a big smile and enthusiastic, “Hi, how are you?” each week. He puts forth his best effort in his sessions and has made great improvements in his sensory processing, which has allowed us to target his fine motor and visual-motor skills further. He has already met several of his goals since starting in June! Parents advocate for Mason and make sure he has what he needs to be successful, and it is easy to tell they are carrying over suggestions at home because Mason has been making such great progress!”

Mason’s progress has been outstanding! When he first started with Generation Care, he wasn’t able to squeeze a clothespin, and now he can cut zig-zag lines with scissors! He has gained so much confidence in himself and his ability to do things.

Sara, Mason’s mom, says, “He just started physical therapy, but he has been in Occupational Therapy all summer with Sarah. The plan was just to go for the summer until school started again, but we felt like he was benefitting so much from his sessions with her, we continued on.”

We are so proud of you, Mason, and thank you, Sara, for choosing Generation Care!