Since January 1st of 2015, a new law in Michigan allows anyone to seek physical therapy services without an order of a physician. This Direct Access law was created to recognize the importance of early intervention, provide expert advice quickly to patients, and to save health care dollars... So how can you refer yourself or your family for therapy with Generation Care?

I have a Primary Physician…

If you have a family doctor and know you would like to work with our staff at Generation Care, you can simply let your doctor know your plans for physical therapy at one of our locations. We work with any and all local physicians for gathering the basic information needed and keeping the lines of medical communication open. Not only do we work with local physicians, but with doctors from the University of Michigan, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and all other out of state providers.

Can I still come to Generation Care if I don’t talk to my doctor first?

If you do decide to come to Generation Care before informing your family doctor of your participation, it’s not a problem at all. Our staff will communicate your plans for service on your behalf if you do decide to refer yourself or your dependent to us. Of course, we do still encourage physician orders for therapy, but welcome anyone looking for extra assistance regardless of the intensity of therapy service requested.

Can I still use my health insurance if I refer myself?

If you plan to utilize your medical insurance for your therapy sessions, just let us know prior to your first session. Referring yourself will not keep you from working with our therapists at Generation Care, but some insurance programs do require you to first have a signature from your primary physician. We ALWAYS send evaluations and plan of care to every physician, and we will seek the necessary physician validation on your behalf.  Some insurance companies – like Priority Health – do not require a physician signature at all.  Our administrators will walk you through any paperwork needed before getting started.

I’m ready to get started, what now?

Once your appointment is made for your first session with our therapists, you can fill out the pre-registration forms to eliminate any wait time the day of service. These forms can be filled out electronically or can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. Just remember to bring them to your first appointment! If you do forget the pre-registration forms, no problem. We will have a copy for you to complete when you arrive. The forms take about 10 minutes for completion and any relevant medical information is appreciated on your first visit.

Whether it’s you or your doctor that make the referral for service, your first appointment will be scheduled at your convenience. In addition, if you have any issues regarding transportation to one of our locations in the West Michigan area, we can help you in requesting a ride. Generation Care is always available to walk you through the referral process. Regardless of the type of service or program you wish to participate with, our staff is ready to help you on your journey of physical improvement.