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National Youth Sports Week – Concussion Care

National Youth Sports Week – Concussion Care

It’s National Youth Sports Week – July 16-22. Each time a new sports season rolls around, it’s the ideal time for a reminder about being “smart” about concussion prevention, detection, and treatment. It might only be mid-July, but fall sports like football and hockey are just around the corner!
Having your child evaluated by trained and certified concussion specialists from Generation Care after a suspected concussion can prevent long-term issues. This past fall, GC therapists, Scott McKeel and Brian Keenoy shared about concussion care on WZZM 13 Grand Rapids. There’s great info for parents and coaches in this interview and it’s a good time for us to re-share the video. Check it out!

For more information on concussions, visit this post – Concussions: Real Threat or Don’t Believe the Hype.