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Meet Sophey! August Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Meet Sophey! August Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Sophey’s physical therapy journey started when she was just 8 days old! She’s now working with Generation Care Physical Therapist, Jen Bastian, C/NDT at the North Ottawa location. She has been working hard to reach her goal of supination, weight-bearing and reaching with her right arm.

Sophey was born and received a birth injury which left her right arm limp and unable to use. Her mom, Stacey, believes that starting intervention early has had a huge impact on her quality of use. Weekly visits with Jen Bastian have helped improve her arm use so much that you can barely tell there was an injury previously.

Jen Bastian says:

August is a big month of celebration for Sophey as she will be celebrating her FIRST birthday!I have been blessed to watch this little lady grow up as she was first evaluated by me at 8 days old. Sophey has attended weekly physical therapy sessions throughout this past year, arriving with a smile through the sun, snow, more snow, and rain. Each week, she has continued to demonstrate improvements with use and function of her right arm. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Mary Free Bed and Sophey’s physician team at the University of Michigan in order to offer ongoing strategies to improve her function.Additionally, Sophey’s home program team (aka her parents and her awesome grandpa) have been amazing in supporting her therapy needs—a huge testament to the progress that she has made!!Go Sophey!Happy Birthday—celebrate the amazing YOU!

Sophey has made a lot of progress since starting physical therapy! Stacey says that her greatest accomplishment has been pulling herself up and crawling on her hands and knees. Keep working hard and Happy Birthday, Sophey!