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Meet Mekhi! February Pediatric Patient of the Month

Meet Mekhi! February Pediatric Patient of the Month

Mekhi is our February Pediatric Patient of the Month! Mekhi has been coming to Generation Care to work on occupational therapy and has been doing amazing!

Mekhi is always a pleasure to work with! He always comes in with a big smile and some hilarious jokes! His OT, Krystina, shares more about the fun they have, stating, “We’ve become so close that we even have nicknames for each other that we use throughout sessions, which makes OT even more of a hoot!” When Mekhi first started therapy, he was having trouble regulating his emotions and body movements. This affected his ability to transition from preferred tasks as he would focus on the tasks that he wanted to do only. OT has helped Mekhi sit long enough to focus on doing what he loves (art!).

Since starting sensory integration therapy, Mekhi can now tolerate sitting with art projects for 10+ minutes! He is also now more open to completing therapist lead tasks, such as drawing art that Krystina requests! Mekhi couldn’t have made these improvements without his mom’s support and implementing all of the sensory strategies learned during therapy. Mekhi’s mom is always involved in his care and can’t wait to talk about his new progress.

Watching Mekhi grow and enjoy art has been awesome, plus we love hearing your jokes all the time. We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish, Mekhi!