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Meet Matthew! January Pediatric Patient of the Month

Meet Matthew! January Pediatric Patient of the Month

Matthew is our January Pediatric Patient of the Month! Matthew has been coming to Generation Care for a couple of months to work on occupational and speech therapy.

In occupational therapy, his focus has been on fine motor skills, core strength, and gaining more confidence in his movements. Speech therapy has helped Matthew use multi-word phrases and develop noun recognition. Matthew could use only 2 words 6 months ago, and now he is mimicking, reciting books, and singing! He currently has over 50 words in his repertoire that he uses regularly!

Shanyn and Courtney have been working with Matthew, and he loves “school” with them! Shanyn and Courtney love working with Matthew stating, “He’s always ready to do any task we give him and is truly a joy to work with! We are excited to watch him learn and grow even more!”

It means the world to us, hearing these stories of growth and seeing progress through various therapies.

We are so proud of you, Matthew, and we can’t wait to see your continued growth!