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Meet Madelyn! Pediatric Patient Of The Month For September!

Meet Madelyn! Pediatric Patient Of The Month For September!

Meet Madelyn, our Pediatric Patient of the Month for September!

Maddie has been working with Generation Care Speech-Language Pathologist, Dave Eilers and Pediatric Physical Therapist, Jackie Bradley at our NOCH Rehab facility in Grand Haven. Maddie’s mom, Jessica says that she has made a lot of progress in therapy! Jessica said that Madelyn’s greatest accomplishment so far in therapy has been the ability to bear weight on her arms, getting on her hands and knees, and feeding herself a teething biscuit!

“The staff and therapists at Generation Care are personable and friendly. My family feels that Jaclyn and Dave are looking out for us. When it comes to seeing multiple doctors and having multiple opinions on “problem areas,” Dave and Jaclyn do a good job of helping us make sense of it all. Overall, we are very happy and thankful for the progress Maddie has made since starting therapies.” – Jessica


“Maddie has been such a hard worker during feeding therapy!  We are working on improving oral motor strength and range of movement to increase her acceptance of age-appropriate foods.  Maddie’s mom, Jessica, is amazing!  She is continually taking in all the information during sessions and is willing to implement these strategies, as well as always being so upbeat!” – Dave Eilers


“Maddie has been such a joy to work with for physical therapy. She has made great progress with functional strength for rolling, sitting balance and is beginning to work on standing and crawling. Also, Maddie has wonderful support from her family who are very consistent with following through with exercises. She has so much potential, and I look forward to helping her make the best gains possible! Good job, Maddie!!” – Jackie Bradley