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Meet June!

Meet June!

June is our May patient of the month! She has been receiving occupational therapy with Lauren Geers in order to improve her sensory processing. June is working on improving her coordination, balance, and difficulties with activities such as eating, sleeping, and self-regulation.

June has been attending occupational therapy for about a year. She has been such a joy to work with and is steadily making gains! June loves anything to do with ‘rainbows’, we are always exploring, climbing, jumping and building structures to find one. Everyone looks forward to seeing June, it is safe to say she has stolen the hearts of everyone at the clinic. June and I have created a very special bond through sensory play, I am now affectionately known as her ‘buddy’.

— Lauren Geers, MOTR/L

Since working with Lauren, June’s sensory processing issues have greatly improved. She is now sleeping normally and is becoming active in sports, including playing soccer with her older siblings! Her feeding difficulties are also steadily improving and she is overall becoming a well-adjusted toddler.

The treatment of sensory processing disorder is an area of recent and emerging interest and we are truly fortunate to have access to care from a specialist as knowledgeable and dedicated as Lauren Geers and the team at Generation Care,” says June’s father.

Way to go June! We are so proud of all the progress you’ve made!

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